An office building with the BREEAM In-Use certificate and the highest Outstanding rating.

address: Przyokopowa 33, Wola (Warsaw)

Wola Center is a modern class-A building, erected in 2013. More than 32,000 sqm of office space and 2,000 sqm2 of retail and service space is available to tenants. The author of the project is the Kuryłowicz & Associates architectural studio. The assets and the property are managed by Hines Polska on behalf of the HEVF 1 fund.

Wola Center is a modern class-A building, erected in 2013. More than 32,000 sqm of office space and 2,000 sqm2 of retail and service space is available to tenants. The author of the project is the Kuryłowicz & Associates architectural studio. The assets and the property are managed by Hines Polska on behalf of the HEVF 1 fund.

6 reasons to rent office in Wola Center


Excellent transport connections for employees, customers and suppliers are a great advantage of Wola Center. The office is located at Przyokopowa 33, which guarantees a convenient connection with other districts of Warsaw, both by public transport and the network of thoroughfares.

An extensive public transport network, including the close proximity of the second metro line (200 meters to the nearest station), as well as SKM/WKD stations (Rapid Transit Rail / Warsaw Commuter Railway), guarantees the optimal commuting time to/from work for employees.

The building is located in a vibrant business, restaurant and leisure area, corresponding to the needs of the most demanding companies.


In 2022, the building received the BREEAM In Use Certificate with the highest possible rating: Outstanding. The point score obtained (90.4%) is the best result in Poland for a building commissioned for use. O This certificate constitutes a guarantee of a sustainable space in which running a responsible business has become a standard. It is also proof of the real benefits in the form of energy consumption optimization and positive impact on the health and well-being of users of the facility.

Examples of the solutions applied in Wola Center that translate into real benefits for our tenants include:

  • 100% contracted green energy,
  • LED lighting,
  • electric vehicle charging stations (3 DC fast charging stations and 6 AC charging stations), conveniently situated and optimized to save time  t for their users,
  • photo-voltaic panels,
  • solar water heating,
  • QR codes – a new, non-contact form of building access control,
  • heat surpluses directed to the garage hall,
  • use of ecological materials in common spaces,

Future tenants can always rely on professional advice, constant communication regarding the introduction of appropriate safety standards, as well as daily support from a facility manager dedicated to the management of the building.


Office space is one of the most effective ways to attract new employees and convey the value and essence of the brand. The greater employment potential of highly qualified employees translates directly into a dynamic increase in business development.

In addition to class-A office space, tenants have a 1000 sqm co-working area in the main lobby with free Wi-Fi access at their disposal.

Thanks to zoning, the space can be used both for work and relaxation. Among many types of spaces available within the building, the following deserve to be highlighted: a zone with natural greenery and the highest ficus tree in Poland, teamwork places and a leisure area for less formal meetings. 

The comfort of tenants and their guests is also increased by the large number of parking spaces in the newly opened public car park.  Additionally, building users may also benefit from quick and standard charging stations for electric vehicles.

For those who commute to work by bike, there are a newly renovated changing rooms with showers and wardrobes for quick drying of clothes. Numerous ergonomic bicycle racks are located in the underground garage and outside the building, completes with a repair station, are always at our tenants’ disposal.

The space of Wola Center has also been adapted to the needs of visiting parents and their children. The building has a toddlers’ room, equipped with everything a parent requires on a daily basis – from a feeding chair and a changing table to vital hygiene products. Tenants are also direct beneficiaries of this solution since they do not have to prepare a dedicated room in their leased space.


Every company is looking for cost optimization, regardless of the type of business conducted.

Common costs introduced by the Wola Center building are at a very competitive level compared to the market. This is also achieved with the implementation of modern technological solutions. Moreover, Wola Center tenants will benefit from precise prediction of space maintenance costs which is not achievable for few first years, in case of newly delivered building. This fact directly translates into a reduction in the total operating costs for tenants in the building.

The extensive experience of Hines in supervising fit-out works, as well as the lack of the requirement to prepare installations “from scratch” make the costs of arranging space very attractive, when compared to competing buildings.

The manager of Wola Center, Hines, additionally provides time saving solutions, i.e., assistance at every stage of the lease process – from the selection of space size and its optimal arrangement to the implementation of finishing works


Wola Center building was designed for the main headquarters of a large bank, which, due to its business profile, required the increased security of IT systems, data access control and a guarantee of business operational continuity.

The building also has GSM and LTE signal amplification installations, ensuring full coverage in hard-to-reach places, such as elevators or the garage.

The modern contactless virtual online reception system, enabling access to the building using a QR code, became equally important after the pandemic. Wola Center may provide this solution at tenant’s request.


The decision to locate the headquarters in Wola Center – a building with extraordinary architecture, designed by the renowned Kuryłowicz & Associate architectural studio, made of the highest quality finishing materials – significantly increases the credibility, prestige and attractiveness in the perception of employees and visitors.

The company office space is also of great importance. The office arrangement reflects both the work philosophy and the financial condition of the employer.

In order to present the potential of Wola Center spaces, 200 sqm have been adapted as a showroom, presenting finishing standard provided by Hines